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Re: Czerkas' book- Analysis and Criticisms

I bought the book, so here I am.

From: "Jaime A. Headden" <qilongia@yahoo.com>
> (snip)
>  However, from what I have heard from both positive and
> negative readers, this volume has a fairly slip-shod method in tackling
> base principles such as focusing on dogmatic arguments and proving how one
> is wrong, rather than providing a basis of likelihood of truth.

Not only that, but I'll take an example: there's almost nothing about the
skull of _Cryptovolans_. Dromaeosaurid-like, that's all. And there's no good
close-up of the skull. I'd have liked to see his interpretation, on what he
based his sculpture. A pity - artist's opinion.

I've saved the posts from Dr. Holtz, HP Mickey Mortimer... in order to
compare with the text. Since I'm only an amateur paleoartist, I'm not able
to criticize the descriptions.

BTW, I'll recommend the book to everybody interested in dinos, basal birds
and fossils: the specimens are amazing.

Friendly - Aspidel.