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Re: Fwd: re: pterosaurs and dinosaurs (long)

At 10:41 AM 04/10/02 +0200, Silvio Renesto wrote:
What I really dislike is Longisquama. I respectfully disagree with David opinion in the placement of this critter within prolacertiforms. I won't discuss this here (eventually in another side, in another time), but my knowledge of this specimen is very limited. To me, it shares a lot of functional similarities (most likely convergences) with some drepanosaurids, but all may be due to similar arboreal adaptation. I am very sad that the posterior half of the body is unknown.

Excuse me for asking a dumb question, but having seen what i presume was a cast of the specimen as part of the Russian dino exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum, and having shelled out for "The Age of Dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia" primarily to pore over Unwin et al on this critter, I still wonder whether there is any chance at all that its peculiar "plumes" (which look wildly out of place to my eye) are not really part of the specimen but some sort of weird leaf that it was lying on. Does anyone think this is possible?

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