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Science writing classes

Hello all,

I've been reading with some interest the posts about science writing classes. In the class that I took we didn't discuss a certain format or formula for scientific writing. We mainly worked on the flow of the writing. I did find that the class changed how I viewed published papers as some of them are poorly written even though the research is great. I guess it just depends on your priorities.

For the most part, what was beaten into my head about scientific writing is that you can never cite something that you found on the internet (to which I concur wholeheartedly) and to be extremely wary of abstracts from conferences. My Prof said over and over that abstracts should represent preliminary research and that after further study, everything may change. I find that interesting as I see abstracts cited quite a bit. Any thoughts?

And on a personal note, Tracy - I've never mistaken you for Bob!  ;)

Okay, back to boring, boring accounting (gotta pay for grad school some how).

Have fun at SVP.  I'll miss seeing everyone.

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