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Conan Doyle & A&E

For those who, like me, appreciate the FrameStore BBC
dinosaurs, but cannot tolerate the BBC/A&E plotless
efforts to garner advertising dollars...and believe
Greg Bear's "sequel" to be equal opportunity assaults
against one's gag reflex...may I recommend a fine
effort, not often mentioned, but which is to be
appreciated as a work-of-thematic love regardless of
its errors. 
Nicholas Nye, 1991. Return to the Lost World
(Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire [UK]: The Self
Publishing Association Ltd, Lloyds Bank
Chambers/Nicholas Nye), 256pp. 
Mr Nye takes ACD's closing paragraph of 1912, and
creates an interesting panorama.
It is a pity that the New York Public Library, which
has the original ACD 1911 manuscript (the book, by the
way, was serialized first in the U.S., then in The
Strand), has seen fit not to allow scholarly access to
it (it has far longer, more episodic than ACD's
truncated published tale), nor to release it with
proper scholarly apparatus to correct the dismal
errors of the Pilot/Rodin project.

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