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Re: Fwd: re: pterosaurs and dinosaurs (long)

At 08.21 04/10/02 -0400, you wrote:
At 10:41 AM 04/10/02 +0200, Silvio Renesto wrote:
Longisquama. <snip> shares a lot of functional similarities (most likely convergences) with some drepanosaurids, but all may be due to similar arboreal adaptation. I am very sad that the posterior half of the body is unknown.

<snip> I still wonder whether there is any chance at all that its peculiar "plumes" (which look wildly out of place to my eye) are not really part of the specimen but some sort of weird leaf that it was lying on. Does anyone think this is possible?

There are some close ups in an ABSRD paper in Science 288 (2000), they seem not common leafs even if isolated findings were initially taken for leafs (with some doubt) before the finding of the skeleton. Original description speaks about paired appendages hinged together in some way , while subsequent works discard the hinge retaining the pairing. As correctly noted by Unwin, the plume/leaf like scales (or whatever they are) are misplaced thus it is hard to tell how (if?) they are inserted in the epaxial musculature. Sharov original drawings are far from helpful and I had not the chance to check the specimen first hand or even a very good close up of the head+shoulder region, thus I cannot go beyond personal feelings, which are: too much things around/in the shoulder region, something escapes us there.

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