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Re: kid letter

I hope you're going to reply. This kid, who is younger than many who are just starting school, has taken the information he was told, developed logical and pertinent questions that follow from it, and took the initiative to write an expert. If you send him a respectful and informative reply, he'll remember it for the rest of his life and may well become a brilliant paleontologist.

To brighten your day:

I received this letter today:

Dear Museum,

We want to know how Brachiosaurus connected its two brains?  I want to know
if a pink string goes through his body and connects the two brains?  Or did
the two brains communicate with each other?

Jack   age 5.5

: )

( no responses necessary, just wanted to give you all a chuckle)

Jenny Lando
Assistant Coordinator/Paleontology of Dinosaurs
Moveable Museum
Education Department:AMNH
Central Park West @ 79th Street
NYC NY 10024
212-769-5329 (fax)

Las ideas deben ser claras y el chocolate espeso.
Ideas should be clear and chocolate thick.