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Re: Homage to Spinosaurus

"Tracy L. Ford" wrote:
> Nicely drawn skeleton,

Thank the good people who published the Suchomimus article (Sereno et
al). I simply modified it slightly (VERY slightly... what am I, an

> but...The 'cranial' spines face forward (contrary to popular belief),

I'm assuming these are the spines closer to the head? If so, that makes
more sense, since they look a bit bunched up as they are, and there
wouldn't have been as much flexibility in the spine as I have it.

> and the skull, due the length of the dentary, would have
> been shorter. I've done an article for this for Prehistoric Times.

As I said, the skull is purely mythical. Just a more robust version of
Suchie (actually taken from an image, of the webcam that had been set up
at one point, of the mounted skeleton). Please don't make the mistake
that much research was done. Just the neural spine lengths (many of them
estimates) as per Stromer 1915 (which I beleive is available at the
Polyglot Paleontologist -
http://www.uhmc.sunysb.edu/anatomicalsci/paleo/ )


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