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Re: Science writing classes


You may be interested in a new website www.thesciencesite.info  as it
features science writing from journalsim students as well as feature writing
( the latter commencing in a couple of week's time).  Site is aimed at 15-18
years olds

best wishes

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Subject: Science writing classes

> Hello all,
> I've been reading with some interest the posts about science writing
> classes.  In the class that I took we didn't discuss a certain format or
> formula for scientific writing.  We mainly worked on the flow of the
> writing.  I did find that the class changed how I viewed published papers
> some of them are poorly written even though the research is great.  I
> it just depends on your priorities.
> For the most part, what was beaten into my head about scientific writing
> that you can never cite something that you found on the internet (to which
> concur wholeheartedly) and to be extremely wary of abstracts from
> conferences.  My Prof said over and over that abstracts should represent
> preliminary research and that after further study, everything may change.
> find that interesting as I see abstracts cited quite a bit.  Any thoughts?
> And on a personal note, Tracy - I've never mistaken you for Bob!  ;)
> Okay, back to boring, boring accounting (gotta pay for grad school some
> how).
> Have fun at SVP.  I'll miss seeing everyone.
> Patty
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