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Re: Montreal and Irvine

On Sat, 05 Oct 2002 04:57:49  
 Raymond Ancog wrote:
>My family is going on a business-cum-vacation trip to Montreal and Irvine, 
>CA for the whole month of November. Any suggestions as to what museums and 
>institutes I can visit? 

In Montreal be sure to visit the Redpath Museum on the campus of McGill 
University.  Access is limited, I believe, so you should probably check with 
the museum regarding admission, hours, etc. before leaving.  I was there two 
summers ago, and although there isn't much in terms of dinosaurs, there is a 
nice _Albertosaurus_ mount and, IIRC, a _Dromaeosaurus_ mount.  As far as other 
paleo exhibits go, there is a Joggins tetrapod display, some microsaurs, and a 
cool hanging mount of the fossilized beluga _Delphinapterus leucas_ (the same 
species as the extant beluga).

There is also (or was...not sure if it's still there) an exhibit of nature 
specimens and such near Olympic Stadium (called Bio Dome or something similar). 
 I didn't have a chance to stop by, but apparently there are some dinosaur 
casts there.

Nice to be back onlist after a hectic month of starting college...


Steve Brusatte
Geophysical Sciences
University of Chicago
Dino Land Paleontology-http://www.geocities.com/stegob

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