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Shenzhouraptor citation in full

From: Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org

Thanks to Jerry Harris, here's the full citation and 
abstract for Shenzhouraptor:

Ji Qiang, Ji Shu'an, You Hailu, Zhang Jianping, Yuan 
Chongxi, Ji Xinxin, Li Jinglu & Li Yinxian, 2002. 
Discovery of an avialae bird -- Shenzhouraptor sinensis 
gen. et sp. nov. -- from China. Geological Bulletin of 
China 21(7): 363-369.

Abstract: This paper deals with an avialae bird from the 
Early Cretaceous Jiufotang Formation in Yixian County, 
western Liaoning, China. This new specimen is 
characterized by no teeth in its mouth, the forelimbs 
longer than the hind-limbs, a long tail with more than 20 
caudal vertebrae, U-shaped wishbone, and remiges longer 
than the total length of ulna and manus. It is sure that 
the new avialae bird is really capable of flight, 
representing a missing link between theropod dinosaurs and 
birds. It is described in detail and named as 
Shenzhouraptor sinensis gen. et sp. nov. herein.
Key words: Yixian, Liaoning; Early Cretaceous; Jiufotang 
Formation; flying theropod dinosaur