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Re: dinosaur tv program

On Fri, 4 Oct 2002, Tracey C Ho wrote:
> I have been searching for a lead to the children's tv show on dinosaurs that
> featured a singing crocodile puppet called Dill, and the only lead I've found 
> is
> a 1995 posting to your list that mentioned the program in passing. I am really
> hoping to find it and was wondering if you might have any information
> on the show title or where/how I might search for a copy.

Well, this qualifies as a lead (from this very list):



 Bournemouth, a south coast tourist resort, presently has 2 dinosaur
 displays, and last sunday I dragged my reluctant fiancee along to have a
 As is common in children's sources, the info hailed from all manner of
 popular books. So while tyrannosaurus would eat 7 triceratops per year,
 brontosaurus carried its tail off the ground and, going at least by the
 video we watched (introduced by singing crocodile puppet Dill) ...