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Re: Science writing classes

Hi Adam,

Then why cite from books - a notorious source of published opinion that is
often free of rigorous peer review?

Basically because once a book is published, no one can get in there and change what was said. While living in the dorms, I knew people who thought it "fun" to crack into internet sites and mess with them. These are the same people who knew how to change their grades, paste someone elses picture over an established picture, etc. I understand about the security of journal sites, but there's always someone out there just a little bit more computer savvy than the guy who set up the security.

Also, I personally know someone who has a bad attitude about certain paleontologists (he's been kicked out of a couple colleges all ready) and I could see him gleefully hacking into a site and changing things around. This person is the main reason that I'm wary of information found on the internet.

Any informed reader will automatically check the source of any citation and
value it accordingly.

I certainly hope so! I'm sure that there are perfectly safe sites out there, but as the old saying goes - one bad apple....

Thanks for your thoughts.

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