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Re: thoughts on the dinobirds exhibit

> I will say at the outset I came away fairly convinced
> that Protarchaeopteryx is the closest known sister group of, if not an
> actual synonym of, Incisivosaurus, [...]

An obstacle to synonymy I see are the serrated teeth. Forgot about the body

> Another point is that there is clearly a large pennaceous
> feather extending from the right forearm, indicating weakly developed
> 'wings' were present.

Aaaaaah... at last... at last clarification on this!!! <heavenly choirs>
Since 1998, for 1/5 of my life so far, I've been scrutinizing photos, and
reading contradicting texts... :-) :-) :-)

It's symmetrical, isn't it?

> Other highlights included the ability to flit between NGMC 64 and the
> holotype of Sinosauropteryx - and yes I agree that they are almost
> certainly different taxa.

Sounds like someone will unravel basal coelurosaur phylogeny within the next
few years! :-P

The new Dinosauricon looks great, as expected. :-)