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* Ultimate giga-bite * What's in a name? * Amazing Dino Lights * New kind of Plesiosaur * DINOSAURNEWS

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The headlines:

**  Ultimate giga-bite
Visitors to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek are getting a chance
for the next 3 1/2 months to look up to this beast of beasts - the biggest
known flesh-eating dinosaur

**  Paleontologist says fossil represents new kind of plesiosaur
An expert in prehistoric fossils says skeletal remains found near Fuitdale
almost 70 years ago represent a new variety of creature

**  Children's Discovery Museum opens new dinosaur exhibit
Dinostories is a hands-on program intended to excite and motivate children
to learn more about these extinct beasts and the application of this
experience to preserve the environment today


**  What's in a name?
In the sixties, while still working for the National Museum in Harare,
Zimbabwe, Raath discovered the fossilised remains of what was then a new
genus of dinosaur near Bulawayo.

**  Feature Site - Dinobirds exhibit
Some features such as the reduced hands and extremely short arms shown by
Tyrannosaurus rex, were an evolutionary dead end. VIDEO

**  Rocks reveal amazing dino lights
When the dinosaurs walked the Earth, the planet's magnetic field was three
times stronger than it is today

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**  Dinosaur documentary a real-life detective story
With "Lost Dinosaurs," Smith and his colleagues at the University of
Pennsylvania got a chance to study the prehistoric creatures up close

**  Research team stumble upon rare crocodile fossil
The museum's Dirk Megirian says he believes the discovery is the largest
example of that species ever found

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