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Fw: HEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all,

HP Oyvind M. Padron asked me to forward this message to the DML dealing with
a number of obscure genera.


Rutger Jansma

----- Oorspronkelijk bericht -----
Van: "Øyvind M. Padron" <gorgosaur@hotmail.com>
Aan: <fam.jansma@worldonline.nl>
Verzonden: zondag 6 oktober 2002 14:37
Onderwerp: HEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!!!

> Can you please post the following message onto the DML?
> I've been trying and trying and trying, but my stupid worthless webmail
> simply denies to react. the 1st 30 times i couldnt even get to the
> form, the latter 60 times it rejected to post my message, and for all i
> know, it's allready mailed 90 times... but in case it never got anywhere,
> will you post it for me?
> ----
> On my compy here i got some species lacking a name and/or classification.
> I wonder if anyone knows more about these dinosaurs:
> "New Mexico theropod Fred" - Any news on Fred? Does he have a name? A
> placement in the dinosaur tree of life?
> USNM 3027 - One partial tibia or something. I can understand if theres
> no info on this one. name?
> PAL250 - A tooth, any further info? name?
> Eshanosaurus deguchiianus - Any news on it's classification?
> Labocania anomola - could this be some kind of abelisaurid?
> Protoavis texensis - is this still considered a composite?
> Quilmesaurus curriei - Was this a Carnosaurid? Or do i remember all wrong?
> Rapator ornitholestoides - Is this only known from one little bone?
> Alvarezsaurid?
> Revueltoraptor - does it have a species name? What's its classification?
> Sinocoelurus fragilis - Any classification?
> Thanks in advance!
> Apologies if the message showed up twenty times, my webmail kept giving me
> error-messages, and when it didnt give me error messages it gave me no
> messages, it simply didnt react to anything, so i have no idea wether i
> allready sent this or not...
> -Øyvind M. Padron-
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