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Incisivosaurus personal habits

Yes, another functional morphology question :)

Let's cut to the chase: What were those teeth for?
Most of the articles I've read have pointed out that this dinosaur's
buck teeth were similar to, and showed the wear patterns of, a rodent's
gnawing incisors.  Okay, so what was this thing gnawing on?  

What sort of trees were around in Early/Middle Cretaceous China?  Can a
diet of wood support an Incisivosaurus-sized animal?  Or was this thing
perhaps gnawing after wood-boring insects?  Or were these incisors used
for gnawing, at all?  Perhaps they were some sort of leaf-rake, like a
proportionally enlarged version of a Diplodocus's front teeth?  What
other guesses can one make without the post-cranium?