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Re: The Epidendrosaurus and aye-aye

Back in August I made a few side notes about the Aye-Aye and Epi... Apparently 
no one noticed it since I never received any comments back. Here is what I 


That last part about me not seeing the fossil is now out of date. I received 
the book a few weeks ago. After seeing Epi, I still have to say that an Aye-Aye 
comparison doesn't sit well with me because of the differences in what the 
fingers of the two animals look like. Epi's looks just like a regular old 
finger that just happens to be longer than the rest. Looks like a good, strong, 
reach-extending grappling hook if you ask me.... The Aye-Aye's finger, on the 
other hand, is this long, thin, twiggy-looking probe, ideal for sticking into 
little insect burrows in wood.

That's about all I can really say about that. Take it for what it's worth :-)