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Re: The Epidendrosaurus and aye-aye

> Certainly,
> Epidendrosaurus was nowhere near as specialized as the aye-aye, but its
> lack of gnawing incisors (argh! Shades of Incisivosaurus!)

Can't the latter have been a normal boring plant-eater that fed on herbs and
fallen ginkgo fruits? :-)

> doesn't preclude a grub-grabbing life.
> It all depends on how flexible that finger is.

Without having seen the joints of either, I'd assume it was a lot more
flexible than that of the aye-aye whose 3rd finger is not longer than the
others (just thinner!) and has (surprise, surprise, it's a mammal) only 3
phalanges instead of the normal amniote 4. Better usage of existing holes
might circumvent the need for making holes with one's own teeth... but
somehow... ~:-|