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Re: The Epidendrosaurus and aye-aye

> >> Can't the latter [Incisivosaurus] have been a normal boring
> plant-eater that fed on herbs and fallen ginkgo fruits? :-)<<
> But then why bother with those weird teeth?  If it's just a regular
> herbivore, why not have therizinosaur-type dentition---lots of little
> teeth?

Which it has farther back. Only the front teeth are the weird ones, and they
are where therizinosaurs (and derived oviraptorosaurs) have a beak. Just two
different solutions to make a cutting edge, maybe.

> (Ginkgo nuts, by the way, don't require much in the way of teeth
> to eat---they have roughly the consistency of plums.  That assumes, of
> course, that anyone would want to eat the nasty things.  They smell like
> vomit).

Well... like a frugivore's vomit :-P
(Today fruits are the plant stuff that carnivores will eat most readily. In
the Barremian hardly any other fruits existed, so I thought of those first.)

> Maybe the long fingers are just how these dinosaurs'
> grow---

They're not the joke. The joke is that the 3rd finger is much longer than
the 2nd.