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Re: The Epidendrosaurus and aye-aye

Daniel Bensen wrote:
>(Ginkgo nuts, by the way, don't require much in the way of teeth
> to eat---they have roughly the consistency of plums.  That assumes, of
> course, that anyone would want to eat the nasty things.  They smell like
> vomit).

Having sampled the fruit at the Royal Botanic Gardens here in Melbourne,
I can assure you they don't taste as bad as they smell. Which is just as
well, since they smell quite a bit like dog droppings. I believe there
is also a large fruit from Borneo that smells foul, but is said to be
quite a delicacy (even Orangutans can't get enough of them).

I really have to stop eating things I just find lying on the ground...


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