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Speaking of aye-ayes


I recently saw a program on the Discovery Channel called WEIRD NATURE.
There was *excellent* and amazing photography of a wide selection of
animals in motion and feeding. Some of the sequences were definitely
computer-manipulated but most everything was worth watching. Some of the
motion sequences were shown stop-action and from a series of camera
angles in-the-round.

Here are some of the critters featured:

"galloping" crocodile
"flying" frog, lizard, snake
hopping lemur
snake "swimming" through sand
bipedal lizard
roadrunner (unfortunately, no turns or wing-flicking shown)

fish, dolphin, shrimp (various ways to stun or overwhelm prey)
eagle dropping tortoise
chameleon tongue
cuttlefish pulsating color
weasel throwing a fit (this really cracked me up)
snake using tip of tail for bait
AYE-AYE hooking a grub (you've GOT to see the close-up photography of
this animal biting through wood to get to the grub!)

Unfortunately, I have no idea when the program will be repeated. Does
anyone know how to find a program title quickly on the Discovery.com
website TV schedule?