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WWD misrepresented on Discover

Ben Stiller is now the narrator of chopped up bits of WWD.  But, where the
conceit of WWD--that it is a what-if show, what if you could be there to
witness dino behavior--is understood (or is it?--I mean I understood it,
perhaps most don't), the discover show portrays it for real.  And so we
see the purely hypothetical sauropod nesting in forest scene told to
children as if it really happened that way (as far as I know the only
sauropod nesting sites are in the open--ala Argentina).  I'm not bitching
at WWD who obviously made best faith efforts at accurate portrayal and
responsible hypotheses making...just complaining about the creep of quasi
science dressed up as for-real science, especially to children who are
unable to distinguish one from the other.