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Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt

As we have now passed the book release date and approach the airing dates of the Bahariya Dinosaur Project documentary on the 2000 field season, I am beginning to notice, as I did in the weeks leading up to and following the publication of the _Paralititan_ description last year, a small but not insignificant amount of information being distributed out there regarding the project that is either slightly factually inaccurate or simply out and out wrong.

Please take in what information you do get from the media with a grain of salt, particularly from smaller, less widely distributed publications. Even the large national publications seem to have a hard time getting their facts straight; indeed many of the direct quotes I have seen that are attributed to me or my close colleagues aren't what we said, even when they are derived directly from interviews. Moreover, any quotes from someone that isn't a senior author on a project publication do not necessarily represent views of the project or contain factual information. Press releases that are not issued from the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania, Washington University, or the Egyptian Geological Survey or from Ken Lacovara or Jason Poole, most likely have not been seen by me and I thus cannot verify their accuracy. Certainly any press releases issued by agencies or individuals that are not authors of project publications should not be considered as representing the Bahariya Dinosaur Project, our mission, or our activities.

Thanks, -Josh Smith Project Director

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