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Dino-feather tyranny, grrr

I'm frightened.
As a dinoartist aiming on sciense.
If i (god forbid) do the horrible horrible crime, of depicting a (brace 
yourself) maniraptoran dinosaur WITHOUT FEATHERS(!!!!) will I then be put 
to sleep?

It looks like people are forgetting the fact that Dinosaurs arent the 
cool stuff we talk about on the net, but actual animals.
Many animals. Not T-rex (may have had feathers) and Raptor (had feathers 
dammit, no discussion, end of it, period).
I'll bet everything I have, that if we ever travel back in time, we WILL 
witness VARIATION even among dinosaurs.
So i AM and WILL continue to ACTUALLY depict SOME Maniraptoran WITHOUT 
feathers (yes, you heard me), and still leave most of them feathered as a 
fluffy chicken.

Thank you:)

--------Øyvind M. Padron--------