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Re: Dino-feather tyranny, grrr

Oyvind Padron wrote:

I'm frightened.

You should be. ;]

As a dinoartist aiming on sciense.

I can't really say that you are aiming on science itself, more so, you appear to be aiming on opinions regarding the extent of feathery integument within the Dinosauria.

If i (god forbid) do the horrible horrible crime, of depicting a (brace
yourself) maniraptoran dinosaur WITHOUT FEATHERS(!!!!) will I then be put
to sleep?

Depends on how inclusive or exclusive your maniraptorans are. If you think that tyrannosaurs are basal maniraptorans, I would not fault you for leaving them unfeathered nor for not feathering large segnosaurs.

It looks like people are forgetting the fact that Dinosaurs arent the cool stuff we talk about on the net, but actual animals. Many animals. Not T-rex (may have had feathers) and Raptor (had feathers dammit, no discussion, end of it, period).

Well, of course, raptors had feathers, with the exception of diseased individuals... I hope you realize I am speaking of diurnal birds of prey, in this case.

I'll bet everything I have, that if we ever travel back in time, we WILL
witness VARIATION even among dinosaurs.

Isn't that obvious?

So i AM and WILL continue to ACTUALLY depict SOME Maniraptoran WITHOUT
feathers (yes, you heard me), and still leave most of them feathered as a
fluffy chicken.

Okay, please pardon me, but what's the deal with your pyschotic rant?

No offense intended... :X

aim CloudRaptor05

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