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Re: Dino-feather tyranny, grrr

Sitat Nick Gardner <n_gardner637@hotmail.com>:

> >As a dinoartist aiming on sciense.
> I can't really say that you are aiming on science itself, more so, you
> appear to be aiming on opinions regarding the extent of feathery
> integument 
> within the Dinosauria.

i regard that as sciense.

> >If i (god forbid) do the horrible horrible crime, of depicting a
> (brace
> >yourself) maniraptoran dinosaur WITHOUT FEATHERS(!!!!) will I then be
> put
> >to sleep?
> Depends on how inclusive or exclusive your maniraptorans are.  If you
> think 
> that tyrannosaurs are basal maniraptorans, I would not fault you for
> leaving 
> them unfeathered nor for not feathering large segnosaurs.

but i do think that Troodon is a maniraptoran, and i could find a reason 
not to give it feathers;)

> >I'll bet everything I have, that if we ever travel back in time, we
> >witness VARIATION even among dinosaurs.
> Isn't that obvious?

for some people; no.

> >So i AM and WILL continue to ACTUALLY depict SOME Maniraptoran
> >feathers (yes, you heard me), and still leave most of them feathered
> as a
> >fluffy chicken.
> >
> Okay, please pardon me, but what's the deal with your pyschotic rant?

to get replies, which i got a load of, which i appreciate, because it 
gave some room for thought and discussion. Isnt this mailing list 

--------Øyvind M. Padron--------