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I need help on unnamed/unpublished dinosaurs.

Again i browsed through my dinosaur folders to find the following 5 
dinosaurs, i need some identifying help on;

1. The well known prosauropod maxilla found on Madagascar, allso featured 
in National Geographic. Any news on this one? Name?

2. Another ?prosauropod maxilla/dentary from ?Madagascar, but this one 
looks much more 'dentaryish', that is, not as triangular as maxillas 
usually look, but i think it was supposed to be a maxilla. Supposedly 
rather small. Name? Classification?

3. "Sanchusaurus" a ?Ornithomimid ?neck vertebra from Japan. Any news on 
this one?

4. The coronosaurian ulna from Australia. I think this one was allso 
featured in a Jurassica episode on Discovery Channel. Has it yet recieved 
any name? Are there more bones to this species?

5. The base-of-tail, ilium, and legs from a carnosaur from New Mexico, 
supposedly larger than Allosaurus, but looking at the scale attached i 
have my doubts, maybe around 10 metres. Any news on this one? 
Classification? Name?

Any info on these dino's would be lots appreciated:)
Thanks in advance!

--------Øyvind M. Padron--------