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Re: Dino-feather tyranny, grrr

Padron wrote:

i regard that as sciense.

SCIENCE. SCIENCE. SCIENCE. And no, it's healthy speculation considering the number of theropods we have integument impressions for.

but i do think that Troodon is a maniraptoran, and i could find a reason
not to give it feathers;)

Why do you not think that Troodon is a maniraptoran?

for some people; no.

I'd say it's fairly obvious to most of the individuals on this list.

to get replies, which i got a load of, which i appreciate, because it gave some room for thought and discussion. Isnt this mailing list brilliant?

I do not believe this list was created for individuals to rant and rave in that manner (although you could think otherwise if you read the archives from the past two months) but instead rather for healthy speculation and concrete science as well.

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