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Re: Josh Smith et al in Egypt

I agree. It was a well-done presentation.

-= Tuck =-

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Subject: Josh Smith et al in Egypt

> Has anyone seen  "The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt"? I
> watched in on Wednesday night on A&E and it was really
> pretty good. It was nice to see Josh Smith, Matt
> Lamanna, Peter Dodson, Jen Smith and the others
> including some Egyptian paleontologists. I really
> enjoyed the Ernst Stromer history and the finding of
> the old glass plates showing the displays of
> Spinosaurus in the old Munich Museum. Stromer's son
> donated them to the museum just before he died. For
> those not at SVP it is on again on A&E on Saturday
> afternoon 4PM CDT) and Sunday morning (8AM CDT). It is
> two hours long with the Stromer material all through
> the show. 
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