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Re: Sinovenator; *Psittacosaurus*

> AFAIK, there is no other definition aside from suggestions onlist.

Just making sure... and accounting for the fact that the PhyloCode isn't
implemented yet, so all definitions are unofficial and can change as anybody

Gerald Mayr, D. Stefan Peters, Gerhard Plodowski & Olaf Vogel: Bristle-like
integumentary structures at [sic] the tail of the horned dinosaur
*Psittacosaurus*, Naturwissenschaften 89(8), 361 -- 365 (August 2002)
(online 17 July 2002, http://link.springer.de/journals/nawi)

Just like for *Sapeornis* (January 2002), the title page of the journal has
a beautiful photo of the specimen.