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Feathers and scutes

I seem to remember a study indicating feathers and scutes are from the same genetical composition.Could this mean they were interchangeable? it could certainly indicate why large dinosaurs had scutes instead of feathers. The genes involved in the development of these structures could possibly produce feathers and scutes.(and who knows what other structures?stegosaur plates?psittacosaur quills?remember the fact that Anhima has a remarkable sort of "horn" on it's head,could this be from the same origin as feathers and scutes?) This means it's a genetical "choice" between feathers and scutes.This would certainly explain how come snowy owls and snowgrouse (as well as certain chickens and canaries) have feathery feet instead of scutes.The genes translated structures normally developing into scutes in to growing feathers because that was better in these hostile enviroments. (or according to human selection)I guess vice vera might be possible too.(Any canary or chickenbreeders onlist??)I surely think it would be cool to see a scuted instead of feathered bird!
Oh well,shoot me if you like

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