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Re: Feedback on artwork MUCH appreciated...

My interpretation of _T.rex_ is of the 'essentially lipless' variety...and
_T.rex_, by all accounts, had a tremendous overbite...I would think that
unless you're going with the interpretation that _T.rex_ had substantial
liplike coverings, that the majority of the upper teeth would be visible.

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> > I've further revised one of my pieces and would GREATLY appreciate ANY
> > ALL critiques and suggestions...thanks!
> >
> > http://geekshelf.com/gallery/Cuckoorex/illustrations/rexwoods02.jpg
> >
> > -Chris Srnka
> I'm curious whether it's likely that so many of T. rex's upper teeth
> overhung the lower jaw. Is there anything in the anatomy of the skull that
> supports or discourages such an interpretation?