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Re: I need help on unnamed/unpublished dinosaurs.

Nick Gardner wrote:

> >4. The coronosaurian ulna from Australia. I think this one was allso
> >featured in a Jurassica episode on Discovery Channel. Has it yet recieved
> >any name? Are there more bones to this species?
> AFAIK, no name has been given.  Dann Pigdon should know at least a little
> something about this specimen though.

So far two ulnae are known, one almost complete from the Wonthaggi
Formation (115 MYA), and another only half the size from Dinosaur Cove
(in the Otway Group, 106 MYA). There are no formal names for either (it
seems we've learnt some caution since the days of Rapator and

Rich, T.H. and P.Vickers-Rich 1994 Neoceratopsians and ornithomimosaurs:
dinosaurs of Gondwanan origin? Research and Exploration 10:129-131. 



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