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Vincent L. Bels

Those who find biomechanics of dinosaurs a
well-spring, so to speak, of insights into their
ecomorphologies, will be pleased to know that,
momentarily, Vincent L. Bels has a new, 300 page
anthology appearing from Springer-Verlag (co-edited
with Jean-Pierre Gasc & Adria Casinos), Vertebrate
biomechanics & evolution.
His 1994, 362 page, Springer-Verlag volume (co-edited
with Michel Chardon and Pierre Vandewalle),
Biomechanics of feeding in vertebrates is,
unfortunately, out-of-print, but is worth finding.
Vincent Bels's early concept (1990s) of ritualized
motor behaviour among reptiles is, similarly, not to
be overlooked on this forum.

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