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Mason Meers

In providing a link to Peter Uetz reptile library of
congress, as it were, I apologize in not mentioning
Mason B. Meers' staggering The bibliography of
crocodilian biology which provides one with all of the
literature specifically dealing with Crocodylia.
There are numerous websites devoted to avian
dinosaurs, to be sure, ranging from conservation to
field identifications (where, often, one confronts the
fact that some of the "species" are invalid, based on
colour variations vs. concrete molecular data)...but
no single database exists to supplement the taxonomic
lists first compiled in the 27 volume R.B. Sharpe
catalogues from the BMNH, the Peters sets (which lack
much data), the Smithsonian's Ridgway volumes
(surprisingly complete in terms of literature
citations to various names), and Walter Bock's
monograph elucidating avian nomenclature of families
etc. In other words, noone has prepared a one-volume
edition listing all of the names for avian taxa
similar to that done by George Olshevsky for non-avian dinosaurs.

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