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Jurassic Park IV

>From the 10/11 edition at Darkhorizons web site

Jurassic Park IV: Whilst talking with The New Zealand Listener magazine
last week, Sam Neill was asked if he would return as Alan Grant four a
fourth time? "Yes, another Jurassic Park is in the developmental stages at
the moment. I think I can say that without being arrested, or eaten by one
of those scary dinosaurs (laughs). As for my involvement, it's a
possibility. I certainly had a ripper of a time doing the previous two, so
I have no objection in that respect. Steven (Spielberg) has spoken with me
briefly about the new story they are working on, which is remarkably
inventive and intriguing, by the way....Steven has indicated I may have
some part in the film, but I'll leave it at that. From what I know, it's
pretty early goings. As always, I'll wait for the finished script, and
just see how my schedule shapes up".

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