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Re: Egyptian Expeditions

At 02:52 PM 10/11/2002, ekaterina A wrote:
Will Prof. J Smith be launching any new expeditions of
the Egyptian Dinosaur beds in the future? Especially
in search of spinosaurid theropods?

On a related issue is the synonymy of Suchomimus and
Baryonyx widely accepted?

I suspect that yes he will...
We conducted another field season in 2001, during which we produced several interesting finds. The project is currently writing up the results of the 2000 (and some of the 2001) season, including the descriptions of several new taxa. I think we currently have three manuscripts accepted or in review, and there are something like four other manuscrips in late stages of preparation, so the work continues at a good pace (although admittedly slower than we would like). In regarding _Spinosaurus aegyptiacus_ in particular, except for a couple of discoveries, this beast has as of yet largely alluded us. However, the oasis isn't THAT big...it has to be out there somewhere...


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