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Breakfast in Norman

Back from Norman, processing thoughts and experiences.  Some bug or allergy 
resulted in my having laryngitis for most of the conference--possibly being 
sealed in the hotel with the 800+ attendees and their mammal germs.

We had 20 people at the 6th Annual Dinosaur List Breakfast on Thursday 
morning.  It was hard to get everyone at the lounge at the same time for the 
breakfast (and some had closed the lounge the night before), but Tom Holtz, 
Matt Bonnan, Donna Braganetz, Ken Carpenter, Cliff and Eileen Green, Scott 
Hartman, Jeff Hecht, Judy Horan, Mike Keesey, me, Nick Longrich, Todd 
Marshall, Sam McLeod, Mickey Mortimer, Dick Peirce, Michael Skrepnick, 
Jonathan Wagner (a little late), Thomas Miller, and Ralph Molnar were there 
to share stories and laughs.  

Thank you to Todd Marshall, Scott Hartman and Mike Keesey for donating art 
prizes for the drawing, to Thomas Miller for making a great sign that 
announced the presence of the DML, and to Dick Peirce for taking his always 
great candid pictures. A big thanks also to Pat Norton for his continued 
financial support of the breakfast meeting.  We hope to see everyone in St. 
Paul next year!