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"The Exchange" at SVP and Museum Photos

Well... I'm still pretty much speechless. There truly are no words. Talk about 
a wild experience. To be honest, I mostly walked around completely mystified. 
The talks I was able to see where fantastic. I have never been to anything 
quite like that. Understand, this was the very first time I was able to be in a 
place that was filled with people who live and breathe the very same things I 
do. I didn't know what to do with myself. I know that I didn't get to meet 
everyone on the list... and I really regret that. Unfortunately, I only had 
Saturday. But, for those of you that I did have the pleasure of meeting, I hope 
you weren't put off too much by the few sentences I was able to mumble to you. 
I was so overwhelmed by the goings on, that it was only toward the end of the 
night when I finally was able to calm down some which thus allowed me to utter 
a few complete sentences. I think that even then I didn't make much sense. :-) 
Awe struck... What more can I say? I know this sounds!
 crazy, but, that's what happens hen you get the chance to live out a dream. 
And really, it ended up being far and beyond anything I could have ever dreamed 
of. I got to meet The Masters.

Ok... enough of that dribble. I'll continue to fly high on my own time :-) I 
want to make a remark about my name tag... Almost every person I spoke with 
asked about "The Exchange"... It means NOTHING. I do not own my own company :-) 
I think what happened is that I left the spot on the enrollment form blank that 
had to deal with title or institution. So, I believe that the people making the 
nametags thought I was not very smart and placed "The Exchange" in the line 
where my address went. Well... turns out... "The Exchange" is the apartment 
complex I live in... So damn embarrassing.... I should have put "United States 
Air Force" in the blank. I'll have to remember that for next time, though I 
have the funny feeling that a few of you are not going to let me forget :-)

As for those of you that were not able to make it to the conference, I was able 
to get to the Sam Noble Museum on Sunday... And guess what?... For those of you 
that had to crowd into the museum during the auction... which really infringed 
on your photograph taking abilities of one unimaginable Pentaceratops and 
towering 93 foot long Apatosaurus and accompanying Saurophagnax... I have 3 
rolls of film getting developed. The museum was all but empty on Sunday :-) 
Teeheeheee... As a very nice retired dentist who is a volunteer at the museum 
told me... Many of ya were getting frustrated because of all the people in the 
way of your lenses. Never fear... If the photos come out as I hope they will... 
As always... I'll throw them up on the web (I have to do my Houston Museum 
photos too). And of course, the same goes for all of my other photos... You all 
know the drill. :-)