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Re: Breakfast in Norman

Ah, St. Paul, next year?? I'm there, then! I can hardly wait...

Chris "living in Rochester, MN" Srnka

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Subject: Breakfast in Norman

> Back from Norman, processing thoughts and experiences.  Some bug or
> resulted in my having laryngitis for most of the conference--possibly
> sealed in the hotel with the 800+ attendees and their mammal germs.
> We had 20 people at the 6th Annual Dinosaur List Breakfast on Thursday
> morning.  It was hard to get everyone at the lounge at the same time for
> breakfast (and some had closed the lounge the night before), but Tom
> Matt Bonnan, Donna Braganetz, Ken Carpenter, Cliff and Eileen Green, Scott
> Hartman, Jeff Hecht, Judy Horan, Mike Keesey, me, Nick Longrich, Todd
> Marshall, Sam McLeod, Mickey Mortimer, Dick Peirce, Michael Skrepnick,
> Jonathan Wagner (a little late), Thomas Miller, and Ralph Molnar were
> to share stories and laughs.
> Thank you to Todd Marshall, Scott Hartman and Mike Keesey for donating art
> prizes for the drawing, to Thomas Miller for making a great sign that
> announced the presence of the DML, and to Dick Peirce for taking his
> great candid pictures. A big thanks also to Pat Norton for his continued
> financial support of the breakfast meeting.  We hope to see everyone in
> Paul next year!
> Mary