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At the premiere with the stars of The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt

Well, make that the TV room at the hotel on Tuesday night.  A small group of 
us gathered with Josh Smith, Matt Lamanna, and Ken Lacovara to solemnly view 
the epic tale of lost dinosaurs and large sauropods.  Umm, make that a 
raucous two hours of yelling at the images on the screen, laughing at 
motivations, questioning dialogue, and wondering why Jerry Harris' scene was 

Behind the scenes commentary couched in colorful language added to the 
enjoyment of the program, and there were a few scenes which were new to the 
participants themselves.  Everyone agreed that the CGI renderings had some 
problems. Reenactments of conflicts and the voice-overs which supplied 
sound-bytes where there would have been bleeps gave viewers still more 
material for (self)deprecating humor.  A great evening--we would all like to 
see the director's cut of the film.