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A chat with Horner

Mornin' folks,

This was recently posted over at www.dansjp3page.com. It's an interview with Jack Horner, conducted by a mysterious person who goes by the name of 'Malcolm'...

"Q: How much of a difference was it working with Joe Johnston in JP3, than Steven Spielberg in the other films?
A: I like both of the directors a lot. But Joe Johnston is very interested in paleontology and has come out to the field every summer for the last three years. So he and I have become very good friends. Steven, is a good guy, but I don't know him personally as well as Joe.

Q: What species are the 'compys' in The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 based off? Do you think it was really possible for the compys to have been pack hunters?
A:Compsognathus, and no, I don't think its likely they were pack-hunters.

Q: Were there any dinosaur characteristics that you did not like or had a problem with in the JP trilogy but were still used because Spielberg/Johnston wanted them?
A: T-rex runs too fast, and none of the dinos are colorful enough.

Q: In the making of JP you seemed rather upset with the idea of the raptor sticking out their tongues like snakes because it portrayed them more like reptiles than birds...were you as upset with the Dilophosaurus having a neck frill like an existing reptile today?
A: No, there is no evidence suggesting that it didn't have a frill. That is fictional license, but we know that dinosaurs didn't have forked tongues.

Q: How long have you believed that Tyrannosaurus was a scavenger?
Did you ever try to influence them to show any of the dinosaurs scavenging in Jurassic Park and/or The Lost World?
A: For about 10 years. Yes, and T-rex is portrayed as a scavenger in JP3."


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