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Hi All

    I've got to make it to the SVP meeting next year; sounds like a great
time.  I guess it was the previous weekend (Oct 6-8th) that I was in Sedona
for the Paleo-Wildlife art show at the Museum of the Red Rocks featuring the
work of Michael Trcic and William Monteleone.  As it turns out, Mark Hallett
and Bill Stout were also in attendance.  Also  John Fischner and Karl Huber,
talanted guys I hadn't heard of before but I don't want to leave anyone out.

    So I walk into this little Museum tucked away upstairs to find Mark
Hallett and Mike Trcic setting up for the show;  they are applying black
paint with a roller to a panel.  Mike is working on a life sized
Therizinosaurus type with the huge claws on the forelimbs and the small
vegetarian head and the big hips, pear shaped body, short tail.  Just
looking at the gross morphology, it is reminicent of a giant ground sloth
and it makes you wonder if it might have lived a similar lifestyle.

    Then, along a wall I noticed a neat skeletal reconstruction of a
Protoceratops, or so I thought at first glance.   It's the right size with
the frill and the ceratopsian beak, and even the sail on the tail.   Then I
noticed a pair of strong brow horns, each about a foot long!   This is a New
dinosaur from the Zuni Basin in Arizona/New Mexico region.  It is
Zuniceratops!  When y'all start talking about cladistics my eyes tend to
glaze over a bit.  As an artist I am much more interested in functional
morphology, anatomy, physiology, bio mechanics and ecology.  But as I
understand it now,  the brow horns on Zuniceratops would make it more
closely related to Chasmosaurinea and Triceratops than to Protoceratops.

    Turns out that Bill Monteleone is working on a lifesized model of this
new critter.  Take a look:  http://www.studiomonteleone.com/zuni01.html
And while I'm at it, here's the site for the Museum of the Red Rocks:
http://www.mothernatures.net/html/museum.html  OK, I've done my duty and
introduced you to a new dinosaur.  Or not.  Some of you may be way ahead of
me.  Watta ya think?  -  Bill

Bill & Rebecca Hunt
Hunt Wildlife Studios
119 Bierstadt Ct
Livermore,  CO  80536
e-mail;  bill@huntstudios.com
Web;  http://www.huntstudios.com