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George wrote...

> The current issue of JVP features the new combination     
> Baryonyx tenerensis. You can make of that what you will.

The same nomenclatural suggestion was made by Naish et 
al. in the Dinosaurs of the Isle of Wight Pal. Ass. volume 
(though I don't think we actually used the new combination 
_B. tenerensis_). This is not noted by Sues et al. even 
though one author (Martill) was shared by both publications 
and Sues et al. cite Martill and Naish. To my knowledge, 
Angela Milner (SVPCA Edinburgh) was the first to propose 
that _Baryonyx_ and _Suchomimus_ were congeneric. 
Milner's famous words were 'One man's genus is another 
girl's species'. Of course the issue is entirely subjective and 
yes the two do differ, especially in tooth pattern: where is 
my patented Holtz 2000 genericometer?

Finally, way way back in the late years of the last century I 
recall one worker referring to (what was later named) 
_Suchomimus_ as 'the new Nigerian _Baryonyx_'.

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