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Re: Beaks and Teeth

MSN HOTMAIL is using arial font in the plain-text mode, I'm concerned this won't go through. Hope it does! :D

David Marjanovic wrote:
Looks like severe cutting. The Vast Media Conspiration is to blame again.

You really got to watch those reporters. Anyway, CMIIW, but this may be a another nomen nudum for Incisivosaurus,
Rabbit-o-saurus... yuck.

Sure it is, in comparison to many other _oviraptorosaurs_. Plesiomorphy --
yahoo, we've found a _basal_ oviraptorosaur. That's the message. :-)

Gotta love those basal oviraptorosaurs... I still think Incisivosaurus reminds me of an angry cartoon Caudipteryx zoui.

Nick Gardner

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