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Tyrant stuff (no longer ranting) (was RE: Rant (was RE: Details on SVP 2002 Part 2))

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> << Given that Currie, and me, and Carr, and Brochu, and
> Carpenter, and Paul
>  *ALL* agree based on direct observations of specimens that
> Tarbosaurus and
>  Tyrannosaurus are closer to each other than they are to other
> tyrannosaurid
>  taxa (except perhaps for Daspletosaurus, which may or may not be
> within the
>  node joining these two), doesn't that give you some clue that
> PERHAPS this
>  analysis was done correctly? >>
> Given that these analyses use a great deal of one another's character
> matrices, their mutual agreement is not surprising.

One could argue that potentially for me, Carr, Currie, and Brochu (of whom I
have the only published matrix, but that would be potentially accessible to
the other authors).  However, neither Ken Carpenter nor Greg Paul utilized
such matricies, worked from a different taxonomic philosophy, yet arrived at
the same conclusion.

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