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Re: the SVP pterosaur talks

Michael Skrepnick
Paleo Artist
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From: "David Peters" <davidrpeters@earthlink.net>
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Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 5:30 AM
Subject: re: the SVP pterosaur talks

*** Hi David, nice seeing you at SVP and also seeing you here back on the
DML. As good things apparently happen in "3's", I will hope to see your
website re-appear ( as do many others on this list) in some restructured
fashion ( and as you had alluded to briefly. . . recall?)  I just wanted to
make the point regarding the proposed anurognathid below, that I think Chris
mentioned in his discussion that he thought the animal was juvenile, to
account in part, for the enlarged sclerotic ring / orbit.

> Chris Bennett presented a new Solnhofen anurognathid and his
> reconstruction of the skull. It looks like one of the best anurognathids
> now known, but it is not Anurognathus. The sclerotic ring is large, the
> lacrimal is a long slender stem (identified as the "pterygoid" on the
> screen), and the lateral pedal digit is too short for Anurognathus, but
> all these characters are a good fit for something closer to
> Batrachognathus or Dendrorhynchoides.  Chris's reconstruction included
> some strange combination of lacrimal, nasal and jugal (if I remember
> right) that resulted in making the antorbital fenestra virtually
> disappear, but a more typical pterosaur skull can be recreated when the
> lacrimal is properly placed.

> Best of all, I finally got to meet Mary, Mickey, T. Mike and a bunch of
> other Dino Listers. Glad to be on board again.
> David Peters


Mike S.