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Re: Zuniceratops

Like I said, some of you are way ahead of me.  I hadn't heard of
Zuniceratops  before my weekend in Sedona.  Please do send me a jpeg Cliff!
Thanks  -  Bill

Bill & Rebecca Hunt
Hunt Wildlife Studios
119 Bierstadt Ct
Livermore,  CO  80536
e-mail;  bill@huntstudios.com
Web;  http://www.huntstudios.com

> Dear Bill and List,
> Actually not. I sculpted the original interpretation of Zuniceratops in
> 1/5th scale for "When Dinosaurs roamed America".  This was done almost three
> years ago under the direction of Dr. Jim Kirkland, the Paleontologist who
> named it. Images of my piece in digitized form have graced everything from
> Discovery Channel posters to Arby's fast food bags.
> Almost a year ago, I redid the Zuniceratops sculpture with Doug Wolfe,
> it's discoverer and co author. It has his and the Mesa Southwest Museum's
> official endorsement. A resin Cast of it is on permanent display at the
> museum.
> Any one who didn't already see my zuni at this years SVP, and want to
> see what it looks like, please send out a private email, and I will send you
> a jpeg.
> Sincerely,
> Cliff Green