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Re: the SVP pterosaur talks (Boreopricea)

Try to catch this paper:

M: J. Benton & J. L. Allen 1997
Boreopricea from the Lower Triassic of Russia, and the relatioships of the prolacertiform reptiles.
Palaeontology 40 (4):931-953.

I respectfully disagree with some conclusions about prolacertiform relationships, but the description of Boreopricea is really fine.

At 08.34 16/10/02 -0700, you wrote:
>Best guess IMHO as to what it is puts it close to a basal prolacertiform,
Boreopricea ~ but on steroids! I'm fascinated to learn more about this
Ah! I have just completed a restoration of Boreopricea, and was about to ask
this list for more info. All I've got is that it was small, from Russia,
early Triassic, and possibly a prolacertiform. I'd like to add to the blurb
I have on my website here:
Thanks in advance for any additional info, or comments on the artwork.

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