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Re: the SVP pterosaur talks - rather long reply

In a message dated 10/17/02 5:41:20 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
cbennett@bridgeport.edu writes:

<< "George, you have NEVER SEEN the three new taxa: how can
 you *POSSIBLY* have an informed opinion on them?" emboldened me. >>

All right, that does it. Material from those taxa was illustrated but not 
formally named in Carr & Williamson's JVP article on tyrannosaurids a couple 
of years ago, and I was in Bozeman last year, where the Montana form was on 
display. The New Mexico and Alabama material has also been discussed in the 
literature, likewise the Oklahoma tyrannosaur ("Aublysodon"). Bah. Unless 
three brand new tyrannosaurids have just been discovered, I have indeed SEEN 
the three new taxa in one form or another. And having just constructed the 
Albertosaurus entry for my Dinosaur Catalogue, I'm not even stale on these. 
Tom Holtz must be edgy from having that sniper on the loose in his neck of 
the woods.